Tech Task #1

12 Jan

Regardless of where I have found myself in life my personal mandate has always been to have fun. Growing up on a farm the opportunities for fun were endless. Upon graduating from high school I have embarked on several adventures which resulted in even more fun. I moved to Alberta to spend 1 year with a small Bible School in a town called Radway, lived in New Zealand for a few months, travelled parts of Europe and Australia, completed a diploma in Recreation Therapy from SIAST in Saskatoon, spent 1 year with L’Arche, and am now hunkering down to finish my education degree.

Technology and I have an odd love/hate sort of relationship going on. I find that though I catch on to technology rather quickly I usually choose to avoid getting too involved in it. This avoidance comes mostly as a result of my attempting to live a somewhat “counter culture” lifestyle (which means that I am not on Facebook). Despite this, I have a digital video camera and Sony Vegas Movie Studio which allows me to tinker around making videos.

I have very mixed feelings about the role of technology in the classroom. I am beginning to understand how advantageous technology can be for students in terms of connecting to other students on an international level and developing more or a “global” mindset. The fears that I have around technology use in the classroom involve our losing a sense of culture that usually comes from books, CD’s, any kind of tangible item that exists on its own outside of computerization….I think I just created a new word. I can’t help but wonder whether investing ourselves in creating online identities will rob us of our uniqueness and result in myriads of “samies” wandering the streets carrying pieces of technology in order to feel real…but I digress.

I expect to be able to learn a lot about various technological applications that will prove useful in the classroom. With this learning I expect that we will be encouraged to pick and choose what does and does not work for us; that we will be expected to be open to trying everything presented but will also be allowed a certain openness in order to choose and express what does and does not work for each of us in our own lives. Despite my strong feelings and opinions around technology (and perhaps because of these feelings and opinions) I am really looking forward to this class.



One Response to “Tech Task #1”

  1. PLU January 22, 2011 at 3:08 am #

    Have you seen video commentaries/articles analyzing the culture of Facebook and Twitter?
    There’s some interesting views that very much touch on what you are saying in regards to “samies”. You’re not alone in the “old world” thinking. There are other youth who affirm concerns over personal identity, yet do not cast down these sites as tools (emphasis on “tool”). The problem is it has become a cultural vessel and movement in and of itself, like a “one-size-fits-all” that is converging individual cultural history onto one branch of communication and identification.

    Just some thoughts…

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