PaxMann’s First Top 5 List

15 Jan

I have decided to be brilliant and allow readers to piece together fragments of who I am by sifting through posts around my personal top 5s! Here follows the FIRST top 5 list…

PaxMann’s top 5 Favourite Ways to Slake a Chocolate Craving

5. Nutella – This probably sounds kinda ghetto but it’s oh so tasty and easily accessible! Animal crackers and nutella = poor man’s dunkaroos.

4. Bitten – It’s a dessert bistro on Broad here in Regina. Need I say more? They have these uber tasty coconut macaroon sandwiches with chocolate ganache in the center that are even better than earth sandwiches.

3. Milka – It’s German. It’s chocolate. The perfect marriage of two of my favourite things! In Germany they do crazy things with their chocolate like fill it with fruity yogurt filling. I discovered last spring that Oskar’s Sausage Haus (yes, it is a butcher shop) sells the yogurty ones… much to my delight AND chagrin!

2. Kim and Ashlee’s – They have a whole lotta cupcake flavours going on! If ever I actually have change on me (which is sadly a rarity) and I find myself driving west on 13th, I am pretty much required to make a pitstop and drop that $2.50 on a piece of chocolatey cakey goodness.

1. Koko Patisserie – It is impossible to pin down one item from Koko that fills the chocolate void that sometimes makes an appearance in my life…they have too much chocolate!!! This magnitude of chocolate delight (combined with the fact that I work there from time to time and have a discount) has given Koko Patisserie the #1 spot on my first Top 5! If you check out no other places on my top 5, make sure you check out Koko. You may hate me after, but I’ll get over it.


One Response to “PaxMann’s First Top 5 List”

  1. ashleymcdougall February 9, 2011 at 12:03 am #

    mmmmm! Sounds amazing!

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