Tech task #3 – Michelle Obama says “Being smart is the coolest”

24 Jan

When it comes to politics I sometimes entertain ideas that swing more toward the left end of the spectrum. This would surprise some people considering the religious convictions that I hold so dear. Despite my secret, harmless flings with “socialism”, I never did take to Barak Obama. Don’t get me wrong, the Obama’s seem like a wonderful little family unit; the thing is, I don’t like their puppy.

No but seriously, ever since the whole Obama craze began pre-election I became less and less a fan. I suppose you could say that my “spidey sense” was steering me away from cheering him on. For this reason, when we were asked to watch an education themed video and post our thoughts, I headed straight for the Michelle Obama talk. I assumed I would find lots of great stuff to critique and more reasons to dislike the Obama craze.

Sadly, I found nothing of the sort. Michelle  is just too straight laced! She started out by sharing information about her upbringing, the values that her family had instilled in her, and the fact that the rest of us run of the mill ladies could one day become first lady just like her. I don’t know Michelle….maybe on Halloween.

Michelle Obama actually made some really great points: children regardless of gender should have equal opportunities for education, there should be “no limitations” for young women in pursuing their dreams, and young people should use their talents to be the best that they can be (just like the American army…eery).

Her little chat was decent but not earth shattering. When talking to a room full of young women she certainly could have brought out the big guns: self esteem, learning how to love one’s self, how to compete in a patriarchal society. I think that she played it fairly safe and kept it fairly superficial….very yawn inspiring.

Michelle Obama will never share my top list of inspiring women with the likes of Dorothy Day and Catherine Dougherty. The latter women talked the talk and walked the walk when it came to the prevalent social issues of the time. One thing that Michelle Obama DID do, however, is never skip class. Perhaps that’s why her talk was so boring. Catherine Dougherty was kicked out of Toronto because she was accused of being a communist and Dorothy Day was jailed because her beliefs were so radical. I’m convinced that both of them skipped school at least once AND that no one yawned out of boredom when they were speaking to the masses.

In terms of becoming an educator one day…I’d rather be like them.


One Response to “Tech task #3 – Michelle Obama says “Being smart is the coolest””

  1. PLU February 1, 2011 at 3:53 am #

    Sing it, girl!!

    People play it safe, either out of fear or because they have not shaped enough of their own opinion. I wonder if the latter played a bit of a factor on this particular topic, but I by no means fool myself in thinking that she is not a thoroughly opinionated woman. I would favour more, that under different topics that fire her up, her opinions would likely get her and her husband’s presidency in hot water due o the stiff critique they’ll be held too. She’s likely trying to just fit the picture. Plus, this was her first foreign visit. She was just coasting to test the waters and play it safe.

    I totally agree with you on the cutting class aspect. I didn’t either; however those who brag about it and lord it over others with pride as the way people should be are the ones that irritate everyone, including the prized “intelligent” ones. Bragging about those traits in the fashion that she did, essentially declares that others should do as she does, instead of meeting people where they are at and embracing everyone even if they struggle with paying attention or being on time.
    As an educator, would you rather be the one to thrust the importance of punctuality and study down the students’/audience’s throat, as if that is the only way, or would you rather be in touch with your students/audience enough to search for different and unique ways to inspire interest and aid their understanding so that they don’t skip out of disinterest or non-chalanty walk in late with indifference glazed across their eyes while you speak? Now I’m not fool enough to believe that teachers have the time to develop individual relationships with everyone. I’m merely stating, why not look at your methods and try a general read over simply dictatorship control and judgement? It’s not on the onus of the teacher (or speaker) to change the student (or audience), BUT such efforts ARE what separate the everyday teacher from the exceptional!

    …As for Catherine & Dorothy: they understood the greater need and weren’t afraid to deliver, even though it wasn’t welcomed by all. Granted it sounds like I’m contradicting myself in that they were set in their ways enough to be imprisoned, but I’m merely saying that following the social norms demands of productivity isn’t the only way. True leaders rarely follow the grain and surely do not bow to simple obedience. It’s going against the grain. that gets you noticed, as long as it is functionally so and not lazily minded (such as cutting class regularly and not studying simply b/c you don’t feel like it). The quintessential essence of the remarkable are those who think outside the box.

    Okay tangential thought is done now that I have surpassed the length of the original post. LOL! I hope it makes sense and bears at least a little merit.

    P.S. That Halloween mask is freaky! “She” looks emasculated and ready for a thriller movie.
    How did you put that link under the “Halloween” word?

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