Tech Task #4 – Saskatchewan Ghandi

2 Feb

Saskatchewan Ghandi

 For this tech task we had to couple a photo with a clever quote or saying. I decided to conjure up my own using a photo from the ol’ collection at home.

It was my friend P’s 25th birthday a few years ago in Saskatoon and we (P, my younger brother and I) had great hopes of checking out Jazz fest…the free stage of course. Alas, by the time we walked our way down along the river the stages had all been packed up. We stood there, each holding a coffee mug full of white wine and my brother holding a blanket of brilliant blue. We couldn’t just shut down for the evening, so we paced the downtown streets of Saskatoon and took random photos involving the many statues we passed on the journey and the blue blanket. This Ghandi photo was definitely my fave and is oh so appropriate to post given the deep freeze we’ve been living in as of late.

I’ll never be able to understand why teenagers think winter outerwear is so uncool….totally going to be making a poster out of this slide to hang in my classroom one day.


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