Tech Task #6 – FOAM!

11 Feb

So I’m trying not to fall in love with Apple products because I’m poor, but after completing this tech task in class using a Mac I’m really tempted to sell either one of my kidneys or my younger brother so that I can purchase one.

The tech task required us to create a “Door Scene” video, record it with a flip camera, and edit it using IMovie. It was so easy, I was seriously amazed! It also helped that my group was excellent and very vowel-y…nice work Andrea and Ashley! 


One Response to “Tech Task #6 – FOAM!”

  1. Vanessa's Blog February 11, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    haha I couldn’t agree with you more on the Mac comment! After using one in the last couple classes – for the videos and podcast, I want one now too! I never thought that they were anything special before, but now I love them!

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