Tech Task #8 – Teacher Worksheets

8 Mar

By colin_n on Google Images

Excel comes fairly naturally to me simply because I have learned how to use it in 2 different courses over the years. In this Tech Task we simply had to create a spreadsheet using some predetermined figures given to us by our instructor. I used Google Docs to create this spreadsheet so if you are DYING to take a look at it (which I know all of you are) follow this link to take a peek.

Google Docs is actually a very useful tool in terms of being able to share information about projects and assignments easily with group members and/or instructors. I hope to use this more in the great unknown future!


One Response to “Tech Task #8 – Teacher Worksheets”

  1. P March 8, 2011 at 7:49 pm #

    Being that I was indeed “dying to take a look”, I gave in to the urge. Upon perusing, I found myself wondering how old your teacher is considering the data given to you. How desperately I wish that was what modern bills came to. I mean these days rent is more than triple that (double if you’re lucky and have roomies).
    Wouldn’t THAT be fantastic if that was a realistic expense spreadsheet?!!

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