Tech Task #9 – 6 Word Stories

12 Mar

This week in ECMP 355 we were given the assignment to create two 6 word stories. 6 word stories (in this capacity) involve finding a picture then choosing only 6 words to effectively tell the story of what’s happening in the picture. Flickr has a great 6 word story site for those interested.

I decided to go with two completely random photos that I took some time in the last few years. There is no rhyme or reason to my selection…just some odd fun and giggles for a cold winter (is it really still winter?!?!) day.

This first photo was taken in Germany. My good friend took me to see “monkey hill”  which ended up being a surreal little park where chubby, over-fed monkeys lined the walkways waiting for popcorn to fall from our hands. 

 The next photo was probably taken on a Holy Saturday. My brothers and I were coloring Easter eggs, as is our custom, and this particular egg appeared to have had some hard times. My younger brother, in an act of complete random, decided to personify the egg making him the monstrosity you see before you now. I apologize if this photo makes any of you queasy!


One Response to “Tech Task #9 – 6 Word Stories”

  1. courosa March 13, 2011 at 2:01 am #

    Nice, great stuff.

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