PaxMann’s Top 5 Driving Albums

16 Mar

There’s something special about finding the perfect driving album: you enjoy almost every song on it, it’s dynamic, it demonstrates “sing-along-ability”, but most importantly it helps time to pass along more quickly.

I have to say that narrowing down my favourite driving albums to 5 is freakishly hard….I have so many that could easily adorn this list! However; the theme of this section of my blog is top 5s….so here it goes….

5. Ingrid Michaelson – “Girls and Boys” (2006) – This is her first album and it was initially self released. Songs on “Girls and Boys” cover everything from “the love” to “the break-up” to “the baby”. Because she self released she was able to experiment more with her sound and this is fairly evident. Some of the songs are a bit heavier (as in more rock), others are much softer, even to the point of making you want to cry your eyes out because the emotion conveyed is so heavy…and I mean that in the best way possible.

4. Ryan Adams – “Heartbreaker” (2000) – Please….PLEASE do not confuse Ryan Adams with Bryan Adams!  “Heartbreaker” has an abundance of songs that lyrically stand out from the crowd and because he hails from the south there is some great twang thrown in for good measure. You can tell that the album was recorded in a limited amount of time in that it has a fairly rustic, unpolished sort of vibe.

3. Hannah Georgas – “This is Good” (2010) – Hannah Georgas has a sound very comparable to Feist but slightly less melancholic and a lot peppier. She’s totally an up and coming and very VERY worth checking out. This album is so listener friendly, from beginning to end. It’s easy to see why she’s up for the “Songwriter of the Year” Juno this spring.

2. Tegan & Sara – “The Con” (2007) – I first saw Tegan and Sara on Jonovision way back in the day. They were only teenagers at the time but despite their age they were crazy talented. The good tunes are still being pumped out by these tiny identical twins. “The Con” certainly isn’t there newest album but it IS their best to date. The album is very clean cut and flows from one song to the next with relative ease. Of all of their albums, this one is definitely the best one for driving.

1. Mumford & Sons – “Sigh No More” (2009) – These guys are from England and if you haven’t heard any of their music yet you really, really should. The album is amazing; each song is perfectly crafted into this delightful morsel of soundy goodness. They have a fairly rustic/folky vibe which is mostly the result of the lead singers raspy voice, but helped along by the banjo and stand up bass. Lyrically, this album covers everything from being in love to having your heart broken and everything inbetween. Because of the immense amount of time I spend listening to this album whilst driving, “Sigh No More” tops this almost impossible to top, top 5 list. 🙂 I strongly encourage the watching of this video…

Reply to this post and tell me what your favourite driving album(s) is(are)!


One Response to “PaxMann’s Top 5 Driving Albums”

  1. lewchukd March 21, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

    I agree with your opinion on Tegan and Sara! Love them so much. My top driving album would have to be, “Fearless” by Taylor Swift.

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