Media Empowered – Final Project

25 Mar

So my partner and I have finally got our final project to the place where we can actually make it public….cue trumpets. We have been putting together a blog based around the topic of media literacy.

Media literacy is a fairly new topic to be presenting to students and a very good one at that. It involves looking critically at the media around them: the amount of advertising they consume on a daily basis, the effects of violence on tv, the impact of starving models on the psyche’s of young women, etc.

In our blog we have technologyzed lesson plans taken from Adbusters’ Media Empowerment Kit (use of their lesson plans in this fashion has been done with their permission).  We encourage you to check out what we’ve done and if you are interested in what we are doing, feel free to subscribe to our blog and complete the lesson plans as we post them! We would LOVE to have lots of people with differing points of views go through our lesson plans and post their thoughts. This blog and all of the resources and lesson plans found within it can be utilized by you in your teaching careers….so we hope you like it!


One Response to “Media Empowered – Final Project”

  1. Frank W. Baker March 26, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    Media literacy is ALSO about making/creating media, so you SHOULD engage your students in some activity that balances their analysis of media messages.

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