The Power of Tea

30 Mar

L'Arche Kent

I’ve been thinking a lot about my good friend Laurie these days. She is currently in England with a L’Arche community in Kent and has been there for nearly a year now. A couple of months ago she sent me this link to the L’Arche Kent blog where she wrote a post about “Tea and community”. It’s a great read…very L’Arche.

I just realized that some of you just popping in might not recall what L’Arche is. L’Arche is an international faith community of people with and without intellectual disabilities. Dignity, equality and respect are at the heart of each L’Arche community. L’Arche is a sign of contradiction in a world that upholds competition and success as the things to strive for in life.

Now back to Laurie… In terms of inspiration, Laurie has always been someone that I sort of “look up to” in terms of the time I spend with people with disabilities. She has an amazing love and patience that would almost always outlast mine (we were assistants together at L’Arche in Saskatoon and endured much craziness together). Coupled with her great capacity for love and patience is her ability to look at a very simple action, object, or interaction between peoples and find a deep philosophical “teaching” about life, love….tea, etc. She has felt called to serve in L’Arche for possibly her entire life and when you meet her, it just makes sense.

Time for a shameless plug! Summer is coming up and with it the need to find employment. If anyone is even minutely interested in what you’ve read here about L’Arche and their mission to bring “peace, one heart at a time”…they are almost always looking for summer assistants all over the world. Check out the L’Arche international website for more information.


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