Emily’s Top 5 Take Aways From ECMP 355

7 Apr

So it’s the end of semester and, as is expected, all of our classes are wrapping up to varying degrees. ECMP 355 is no exception. As a result the last 60 hours (give or take) have seen me working furiously on my summary of learning video.

Oh the drama!

That’s one great thing about having a video as a final assignment…you know that everyone is struggling with their own special little fiascos in order to get the video to a presentable place. I’m totally serious! I mean, have any of you ever actually completed a video in its entirety without having some sort of techno issue? If so…. I smile, but I also shake my fist at you.

Screenr caused me some issues with this particular video. I am SO not happy with the way a lot of the text on the websites I screencasted (using Screenr) turned out but by the time I realized what had happened it was too late to switch to a different screencaster. Lesson learned. I ended up inserting some text here and there so that you, the audience, can still possibly read along. In other news…somehow I completely misspelled both Ingrid Michaelson’s first and last names on my closing text. Shoot today! Ah well…. at least now you know…it’s Ingrid Michaelson…not “Ingird Michaleson”…though the latter does have a special ring to it.

Enough tired typing from Emily!!! Here follows my summary of learning from ECMP 355…


One Response to “Emily’s Top 5 Take Aways From ECMP 355”

  1. P April 8, 2011 at 11:29 pm #

    I’m glad you found so many benefits. I knew you would not just go with the flow simply b/c it was popular opinion and encouraged, yet glad you were open enough to take some valuable insights and skills from it… that I will probably mooch off of later. 😉

    Congratulations on successful completion. Thank you for your shared learning along the way. I do hope that you continue to blog on important issues, though. I enjoy the read. Plus you’re good at delivering a succinct and often unique perspective!

    You deserve an A+! [hint to prof.] At least that’s my perspective by how much I enjoyed it and I don’t read many blogs, let alone comment.

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