Roman Catholic(ism)² Part 2

14 Oct

Oh Bill Maher…..this video makes my stomach tighten and my fists clench.

Yes, people within the Catholic Church are sinners because they are *sound trumpets* people. I am in no way trying to downplay the unbelievably horrific events that have occurred by Catholic priests; it is horrible and devastating. However, the reality is that sexual abuse is just as or more prevalent in other areas of society. Abuse within the family is the highest ranking social institution followed closely behind by sporting teams/organizations and schools. In fact, an article written in the Christian Science Monitor (traditionally not supporters of the Catholic Church) in 2002 stated that, Despite headlines focusing on the priest pedophile problem in the Roman Catholic Church, most American churches being hit with child sexual-abuse allegations are Protestant, and most of the alleged abusers are not clergy or staff, but church volunteers.
The question on my mind, then, is why all the hype against the Catholic Church? Why are so many people so senselessly against the Church, particularly those who are not directly affected by the abuse scandals? It’s all a part of the bigger picture of prejudice. It pains me that the myriads of good and righteous deeds performed by members of the Church are ignored. People like Pope John Paul II, Thomas Merton, Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day, Catherine Doherty, Jean Vanier, Br. Andre of Montreal, etc, etc, etc who have literally changed facets of our global landscape in tangible ways. Are these individuals incompetent because they are members of this seemingly “failing” institution? Hardly.


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