Roman Catholic(ism)² Part 1

15 Oct

In an effort to inquire into several different pop culture mediums, I set out to find a cartoon/mainstream image that promoted prejudice against the Catholic Church. Fortunately I had a bit more of a difficult time finding an item in this category; however, I ended up coming up with two images that I would like to discuss.

The first image that I found is from a newspaper in Oregon that hams up the sex scandals within the Church. I’m going to defer talking about this particular cartoon until my next post which deals with this topic more explicitly. The image that I will comment on is the poster produced by a group of homosexual individuals from Harvard University that saw Harvard administrators applauding the piece as a work of art. The man in the image is New York’s Roman Catholic Cardinal, O’Connor. This poster certainly conjures up a lot of thoughts and feelings in me. The thought foremost in my mind is that Catholic teaching around sexuality is now and always will be discriminated against. What an unfortunate thing! If only society was willing to pick up one of the Church’s many resources on our beliefs around this issue! The problem here is that many in society assume that the Church’s teachings around sex are repressive and oppressive, as though the teachings were brought to light with these tendencies in mind. The truth is that the Church’s teachings are founded in love and the natural order with human beings’ best interests in mind. The most important piece in all of this is that the teachings flow out of logic.This is perhaps the most stinging reality that I experience – I adhere to Church teaching because it is logical (freedom, love, etc) and yet in most educational institutions I am made to feel moronic because of these beliefs. It’s a hard pill to swallow, and yet swallow I must. The backlash will likely never abate because, though many acknowledge that prejudice against the Catholic Church is the last acceptable form of prejudice, the ones acknowledging it are not the perpetrators.

(In the second image, the caption under the condom says “This one prevents Aids.”)


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