Introduction Letter

28 Jan

To whom it may concern;

My name is Emily Mann. I am an education student at the University of Regina finishing up my final year in the Secondary program. I am majoring in Health and minoring in Special Education. My time in the Faculty of Education has been both beneficial and affirming in my hopes of becoming a teacher.

My educational journey began in the small town of Lemberg, east of Regina. Though the high school I attended was small it contained many exemplary teachers that still serve as role models for me in my studies today.

The years that followed my graduation from high school saw me working towards a career working with people with disabilities. This journey began in Saskatoon where I completed my diploma in Recreation Therapy at SIAST Kelsey Campus. From there I worked with several organizations including the Cosmopolitan Learning Centre in Regina, L’Arche, an international community of group homes founded by Jean Vanier, in Saskatoon, and part time with two individuals with cognitive disabilities through the Saskatchewan Cognitive Disability Strategy in Regina. My work with people with disabilities also spans into the community of Regina where myself and another like-minded individual began a faith based group for both people with and without disabilities. This group takes Jean Vanier and his work with people with disabilities as its inspiration and has been running strong for two years this February.

My abilities to lead, plan and organize have always been areas of strength for me. These qualities, when coupled with my naturally outgoing nature, have resulted in many people advising me to become an educator. Previous volunteer experience leading youth groups has also affirmed that education is a good fit for me.

My hope in completing this degree is to continue my work with people with disabilities in a different setting than anything I have experienced before. I truly feel called to the work I am doing at present and look forward to spreading my vision into my future endeavours. In order to attain this vision I know that I will need the continued assistance and mentorship of co-operating teachers like you. The fact that you are willing to invest time and energy into helping me satisfy my faculty of education requirements is very much appreciated. I look forward to learning from you and the experiences you have had in your career as a teacher.

I will contact you before the school year end and arrange to visit you and the school. Thank you for agreeing to take an intern this fall. I am sure the time will be worthwhile for both of us!


Emily Mann


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