Micro-Teach Evaluation

16 Feb

During ECS 350 this past week, myself and several groupmates created lesson plans based on different instructional strategies outlined in our textbook. The instructional strategy that I focused on was the concept development theory. When using this theory, teachers present students with a big idea or concept, for example “bananas,” and get students to come up with as many thoughts and ideas about the topic as they can. Each thought on the given topic is recorded individually on a piece of paper and posted. Students then work together to group like ideas into categories. Students are then encouraged to make changes, switch around ideas into new and different categories, and come up with new groups. Students then name each category and debrief.


Evaluation of micro-teach answering the following questions: did the lesson go as I expected? Did I meet my objectives? What would I do differently?

My lesson on the concept development model of instruction went pretty much exactly as I had expected. Because the actual concept development activity inherent in this form of instruction is fairly involved, I chose to simply focus on walking my classmates through a sample of this form of activity. I began by introducing everyone briefly to the idea of the concept development model. I then gave my group mates a concept, in this instance “February Break,” to dissect and evaluate on a deeper level. I felt that in completing this activity with my group I met my objective which was to provide experiential learning around what concept development is and how to complete it with students. If I was to use this method of instruction again, which I know I will, I would ideally have more time. With more time I feel I would be able to embed this particular form of instruction into a larger class outcome or lesson. After writing down people’s ideas around the concept on papers I would also try to post them so that everyone in the space would be able to see the words with greater ease. I don’t know that I would use this strategy as a standalone method. Having said that, I recognize that concept development is a great way to engage students in deeper level thinking and look forward to using it in future lessons.


One Response to “Micro-Teach Evaluation”

  1. Emily Mann April 9, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    Many of the instructional strategies that we learned about through the micro-teaching will definitely be useful in future teaching. One thing that I find particularly interesting is trying to conceptualize how these strategies would work in a special education setting; the particular area I hope to teach in. In reality it all depends on the class of students that I find myself in; with their areas of strength and weakness.

    One resource that I found and hope to utilize as a special educator is a website: http://www.ibelong.ca/
    This site has a lot of great resources for educators, but also for students participating in special education.

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