Professional Learning Goals

29 Feb
  1. Classroom management – I hope to utilize either a clapping system or some sort of musical instrument to help bring the class back when distractions and/or group work arise.
  2. Occupying students during wait time – I would like to develop some ideas of activities that students can work on if they finish up assignments and work earlier than others.
  3. Inquiry-based learning project
  4. Try at least 4 or 5 different instructional strategies
  5. Differentiated Instruction – Since I am doing my pre-internship in a special education setting, I hope to both witness differentiated instruction already in place in this classroom and also facilitate it on my own for at least 2 lessons.

One Response to “Professional Learning Goals”

  1. Emily Mann April 9, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    All of these learning goals took on a completely different feel in the FIAEP (special education) room that I was placed in for pre-internship. Upon reflection, I feel as though all of these goals were satisfied within the three week timeframe; however, the way these goals were realized took on a different flavour than I had anticipated. This is encouraging to me. As educators, flexibility is key. I had to modify my own thinking, as well as the teaching and expectations that I had for my students. One goal that I didn’t get to delve into as much as I had hoped was the first goal around classroom management. The FIAEP room that I was in was loaded with instructional assistants. As a result, classroom management was basically taken care of for me. I hope to intern in a FIAEP room this fall and I hope that a longer experience in a FIAEP setting will afford me the opportunity to fully dig into this learning goal. As a result, I see these learning goals as a “work in progress.” I will continue to build and reflect upon these goals, hopefully throughout my entire professional experience.

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