BeLonging is a faith based community of people with and without intellectual disabilities that is inspired by a nifty man named Jean Vanier. Our community has been gathering on a monthly basis for about a year now and we continue to grow. As a pre-service teacher minoring in special education, a lot of what I do in my affiliation with BeLonging directly translates to experiential learning for once I get out into the field. The following posts are all thoughts and stories as they relate to my time with BeLonging.

BeLonging Beginnings

Vulnerability – Life without Walls

The Power of Tea


2 Responses to “BeLonging”

  1. kennanelson March 29, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    This is really interesting Emily. I am going to share it others.


  1. Creating Diversity and Belonging | Kenna Nelson - March 29, 2011

    […] reading today of others blogs and I came across Emily’s blog.  She has a page dedicated to Belonging. I believe that this is worth checking out.  Perhaps this will inspire you to become more […]

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