Education Portfolio

This portfolio is being completed for a class entitled ECS 350. Follow along as I engage in various learning and reflection that will build the foundation of this portfolio.

Introduction Letter for Co-operating Teacher

Reader Response #1 – Responding to an article on teaching First Nations content.

Reader Response #2 – Responding to an article on Differentiated Instruction.

Philosophy of TeachingA 2-paragraph description of the teacher I want to be.

Case Study #1 – The merging of a High School with a high First Nations population (Buffalo Ridge) and a small rural community (Prairie View.)

Case Study #2 – The merger continues. New information around the steps being taken thus far between students and staff are discussed, as well as information around differentiated instruction.

Grade 9 Health Ed. Unit Plan and Process Paper – The link to the unit plan designed by my partner and I can be found at the top of this post. The process paper to follow describes some of the thought processes that came about while designing this unit.

Micro-Teach Evaluation – Concept development model of instruction.

Professional Learning Goals Here follows my top 5 professional learning goals that I hope to fulfill while on my three week pre-internship.


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