PaxMann’s top 5s

Instead of the standard “About Me” page I have decided to step a little bit outside of the box on this one. The following are my personal Top 5s that, when taken collectively, will effectively tell you “About Me”.

PaxMann’s Top 5s

An ex-boyfriend of mine was quite the fan of “High Fidelity.” I, on the other hand, thought that it fell under the category of just ok. There was, however, one glimmering, somewhat brilliant idea that kind of bolstered my opinion of the film. That idea was the random top 5 lists that John Cusack’s character procured from time to time throughout the movie. Here follows PaxMann’s personal top 5s. I can only hope that they will be as random and brilliant as John Cusack’s…

Top 5 Ways to Slake a Chocolate Craving

Top 5 Driving Albums

Top 5 Federal Election Grievances


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